Pup S’mores

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Ingredients: Whole milk, 100% all-natural peanut butter, chickpea flour, unsweetened carob chips, vegetable oil, unflavored gelatin, warm water, and egg whites. Toppings: dog friendly marshmallows, carob chips
Fun Facts: These s’mores are made with only canine-safe ingredients, including carob instead of chocolate and a sugar-free marshmallow filling! Perfect stocking stuffers for holidays or just a doggie snack!


Pup S’mores


Baked in small batches with lots of love! Each pack contains 1 individual all-natural s’more.

1 review for Pup S’mores

  1. Courtney Boutwell

    If I could give this a million out of 10, I would! My dogs loved these SO much. I highly recommend them!! They were begging for more!

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