mElvis Doughnuts

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Ingredients: Doughnut base: Turkey bacon, organic bananas, natural peanut butter, milk, pinch of cinnamon, 100% whole wheat flour Doughnut glaze: plain Greek yogurt & 100% Pure honey
Fun Facts: Pawesome for your pups breakfast or a mini snack! The turkey bacon contains uncured variety and low sodium.


mElvis Doughnuts


Spoil your pup with a doughnut! This recipe is made with natural ingredients that not only taste good, but also is good for your pup! Doughnuts should be stored in the refrigerator or freezer in an airtight container to maintain freshness! Refrigerator will maintain freshness for two weeks. Stored in freezer will maintain freshness for three months.

2 reviews for mElvis Doughnuts

  1. Emily

    My pups love these! They know where we hide them to and if even get close enough to them in the refrigerator we get have to pass them out to the crew!

  2. Clover

    Clover wanted her mElvis Doughnut on a plate. Yes, she is a pampered pup! Clover loved the treats and will be getting more soon!

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